A Better Way to Govern

As I See It..........A Good Start

Hi, I’m B J Egeli, and this is my blog. I’m here to write about some ideas and opinions that I have on politics and how we can try to make everything that is political work better. I also have opinions and ideas on economics and how we can try to make economics work better, for us, and not just for the fat cats.

I won’t pretend that everything that I write is the final word (just like everyone I know, I’m a little bit biased), but what I write will be a farsight closer to solutions to our nation’s problems than what you get from most of our mass media, where all too frequently they leave out half the story. I’ll be writing about what most of us already suspect is a better way to govern. But even when ideas for making things better have been tried and proven to work better, they have been thrown out!!! Why?

Many good ideas are thrown out because the "powers that be" find that these better ways to govern are too hard to control (the vote) or they can’t be monetized, that is, the politicians and their backers can’t make money on good ideas. Those "powers that be" include our current monetary system, our political party system, our corporate system, and our government system.

Yes, our government is separate, and supposed to be public, but it is controlled by the other three systems; that is, the monetary, the political parties, and the corporate systems. A really good democratically elected governmental system would have the courage and tenacity to fend off and even control the other three systems. Much more down the road.

This blog will try to make everything that I write about be as logical and as honest as possible, and very easy to read and not too long winded. I don’t want to be preaching, and yes feedback is welcome. How many preachers and politicians do you know who let you give real feedback?

As a friend of mine told me, people like to have ideas presented to them, not taught to them. For most people a long dissertation on the subjects of politics, economics and our corporations will make their eyes glaze over and then they lose interest. Keeping this in mind, this blog will be held to just a few pages of text per posting and should take only about ten minutes to read and understand. You could say it’s kind of like a written Ted Talk which normally has a time limit of eighteen minutes and is usually given in an interesting way with all kinds of graphics. If you haven’t already, you might find it interesting to Google a few Ted Talks.

As time goes on and I get more comfortable about writing all this stuff, I may even start to throw in some graphics to help you understand what I’m writing about. I may even get to put up links to some other articles or graphics that are relevant.

In the beginning I’ll try to have an opinion or two every week or so and I also hope to be getting some really good ideas from you. When it gets to be too much for me, I’ll slow it all down to a manageable level but it’ll be awhile before I stop.

I will take legitimate comments to heart and will display some of them and use others, but those that are simply malicious will be deleted.